• Boolat Games is successfully works in the interactive entertainment industry for over 10 years. Since the foundation we made and released many games of different genres. We are constantly developing and acquiring extensive experience in creating projects for a variety of platforms. Among them: topatoi – the innovative platformer for the PlayStation 3, The Promised Land - casual strategy for PC; Timeless: The Forgotten Town. Collector's Edition - quest for PC / MAC / iOS; 4 Elements HD – casual hit game we moved to PlayStation 3; a series of time-management Amelie's Café; races Lagsters™ for PC - these are just some of the games that have been released in the meantime. And now we are working on new projects that will bring a lot of fun to all who follow Boolat Games products. 

    Boolat Games effectually works in social games development for several years with the dedicated department. It has already widely recognized as high qualified company and can be proud of the cooperation with the largest companies in this market, a large number of conquered social networks and released projects. 

    Localization studio of Boolat Games is one of the most experienced studios in the CIS. We successfully translated into Russian over 200 great games, and their number is constantly growing. 

    Today Boolat Games is the team of professionals with years of experience in the gaming industry. We are always open to new ideas, genres and platforms on which to apply our experience. And we constantly look for talented people keen on developing games. If you want to work in our friendly teem, welcome to the Jobs area. 

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