• Alice Inc company began its existence in 2009, just in the midst of the economic crisis in Ukraine, as a result of the global financial turmoil. This period was not very favorable for entrepreneurs, especially for any developing businesses. In the context of the global crisis, it was not easy to raise the company on its feet and give it a stable course.

    • Today, the company AliceInc is one of the most fast growing companies, which is indicating by the iron shutter, economically correct distribution of resources and considerable experience of leadership.
    • It was started with an idea of several inspired technical experts. All ideas were innovative, but did not give any guarantees of success but, as we all know, business is always a certain risk. It is appropriate to recall the words of Virgil (Publius Vergilius Maro): "Destiny helps for brave ones."
    • After studying the consumer market, the company began to take its first steps. Now company faster tooks the form of a large group of friends than formal organization.
    • The company gained a good pace of development and wishing to create more and more. Experts from all cities of Ukraine have begun to show a sincere interest and willingness to cooperate with us.
    • In 2010 AliceInc began its official existence. It was already opened 4 offices, and the number of employees is about 30 people. 

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