• Business process improvement is a team effort. Professional tools should not only address the few modeling experts, but rather everyone in the organization. Collaborative process design!

    Signavio is a Berlin- and Silicon Valley-based software vendor in the Business Process Management (BPM) space. Its main product, the Signavio Process Editor is a web-based business process modeling tool, which was launched in May 2009. The product enables the creation of process diagrams using the Business Process Model and Notation and it is available as Software as a Service (SaaS) and for On-Premise installations.

    • The company was founded by a team of alumnae from Hasso Plattner Institute (HPI) in Potsdam, Germany.
    • Prior to Signavio, the founders were driving the development of the world's first web modeler for BPMN at HPI. This technology, known as the "Oryx project", was published under an Open Source license and served as blueprint for the Signavio Process Editor. Following the creation of Signavio, the Oryx project was deprecated and is not maintained further since.
    • Signavio is headquartered in Berlin, Germany. In 2012, the company has incorporated in the United States as Signavio Inc. Its US office is located in Sunnyvale, CA.
    • The company is fully owned by the founders and staff. Since its foundation, the company has consistently grown at a rate of 100% or more.


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