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    PortaOne is a leading global communications infrastructure vendor. PortaOne enables Internet telephony service providers (ITSPs) to quickly and efficiently implement, manage and deliver a wide range of solutions for their services.

    PortaOne’s mission 

    Remove high capital requirements for companies aiming to become global carrier-grade service providers

    We started in 1997 as the in-house billing software project for a leading European ISP. Thus our software was infused from day one with the domain expertise of a leading VoIP provider, and has since been tested in the market by the most demanding users. We eventually spun off to form PortaOne, Inc., a firm devoted exclusively to VoIP software products. Our software continues to benefit from our vast experience in working with VoIP providers, as is quickly apparent from its long list of supported features. PortaOne has more than a decade of experience in helping companies from all over the globe implement their VoIP billing solutions.

    Our flagship product PortaSwitch is an extremely flexible customer management and billing platform which enables IP Telephony service providers to launch, price, and provision an array of VoIP services. PortaSwitch, provides a comprehensive range of applications, including Hosted PBX, IP Centrex and Voice VPN, it minimizes the time, costs, and risks associated with introducing advanced VoIP networks.

    PortaOne’s many customers have become aware of the benefits of implementing a robust VoIP billing solution. Our solutions allow ITSPs to increase their revenue potential through a variety of usage-based billing options. The postpaid billing applications we provide allow providers to send customers detailed per-minute call records as monthly invoices. Our prepaid billing solutions allow customers to pay for minutes in advance (this usually takes the form of a debit card that runs down incrementally, with the service being canceled once the credit is exhausted).

    Our provisioning features are contained in a software module which interacts with the billing systems. These features are web-based, thereby allowing service representatives to quickly provision clients and end-customers with call detail records.

    The open architecture of PortaOne’s solutions makes it possible for enterprises to communicate and cooperate with each other, no matter what systems they use, what language they speak, or what currency they do business in.


    Our solutions solve traditional business problems using advanced technology. We constantly strive to improve the way companies around the world do business, helping them reduce costs, expand their reach, and maximize efficiency for a direct impact on their bottom line.

    Our potent combination of technology and services is supported by strategic alliances with other innovative companies. Together with our partners, PortaOne is opening the door to the next generation of global communication.

    Three core values underlie the strength of our company:

    • Innovation — expanding the boundaries of VoIP and telephony
    • Dedication —our commitment to our customers
    • Creativity — the driving force behind our success

    These core values fuel PortaOne’s efforts to make our vision of better communication a reality, and lay the groundwork for the lasting relationships we nurture with customers and partners. Moreover, these values are the qualities we prize in the people who make up the PortaOne team.

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